Saturday, May 12, 2012

In an instant

Listen up people! I still shoot 35mm and 120mm film as well as shooting with a digital SLR (which would already be considered an ancient camera model by many). I resist the internet, but I use it every day. I love to see photos on walls as well as in the pages of magazines and books. I cherish the thought of holding a photo in your hand longer than you'd give attention to an image on a screen and that's what drives us to put out P&S Zine.

P&S resisted using twitter and having a facebook page, but we decided our audience would appreciate it so we got on that just for you. I was told instagram was wonderful, but to be honest I prefer the not so instant my square photos still come from a twin lens reflex medium format film camera. That's just me, I know...I suck.

However... we aren't here to convince you that instant is bad. It's "of this age". So "the apprentice" (number one son) has stepped up to the plate and he'll be in charge of any instagram business going on around here. It will be from the eyes of an eight year old, but this kid will feed your instagram fix with a P&S perspective and follow him for the good, the bad, the skateboarding, the silly and the Sponge Bob.

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