Thursday, May 10, 2012

On a roll

Most of the time I'll go though a roll of film in mere minutes, but once in awhile a roll of film can stay in my camera for days, weeks or months. Those rolls are the most exciting as I often forget what what was shot at the beginning and in the middle.

When it comes to film my go to is Ilford Delta 400 B&W. Over the years I've gone through phases and had some favourite film speeds... 50, 100 and 3200 come to mind of what I'd shoot on a regular basis. Why I would EVER have a roll of Kodak 1000 speed film colour film in my camera is beyond me, maybe it was free? Regardless, that was the roll in my camera at some point back in 1990? I'm not sure if it was in there for two days, two weeks or two months,but there's a little bit of everything all from the same roll.

My first skateboarding hero... Harry Chan! ...captured at Portage Place.

Down in James' or Kuba's basement with Clayton during a jam session during the "Orange Juice" era.

Hanging out with the Winnipeg Straight Edge crew (and Nicole) on Portage Ave across the street from what is now the MTS Centre.

I'm quite confident the film ended there as I have a another photo taken a few feet away on a completely different roll of film. That was probably the first and last roll of 1000 speed Kodak film I ever shot. That's that!

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