Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Last Supper

If there's one thing people have learned since the beginnings of blogging, facebook and Instagram is what friends and strangers like to eat. We post photos of good eats from time to time and it dawned on me a while back that the one restaurant that we eat at the most has yet to be mentioned on this blog. That's a crime.

Winnipeg's first ALL VEGAN restaurant Delicious Vegetarian. The name says it all and that's why this time of year is the hardest when you are craving the delicious Chinese offerings...

We hit them up tonight for the last supper until they return from vacation. I had my camera with me to document a few of our favourite dishes to make up for not sharing photos earlier.

Number one son was finishing off a comic strip he's been working on.

He grew tired of the camera quickly.

On to the food...

Deep fried tofu in peanut sauce. Yes!

A must have... Deep fried mushrooms with spicy salt.

Hungry?'ll have to wait until August!


  1. What about 5 treasures (or whatever it is called), and vegetable snow!!??!!??

  2. There are 8 treasures to be exact. There's only so much two dudes can/should eat at one sitting! Vegetable snow, 8 treasures and sweet and sour gluten calls were all put on hold this time around!

  3. Apparently I don't count three of the treasures. Who treasures a peanut anyway? Delicious without Vegetable Snow is like apple pie without cheese...isn't that how the rhyme goes?

  4. "Apple pie without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze."-My Grandmother