Monday, July 16, 2012

Vans Presents: The St. James Skateboard Games

Tyler Geurts rounded up the locals to Park West out in St. James this afternoon for "The St. James Skateboard Games" made possible by Vans. Tyler promised fun and prizes and his word is bond!

Skye Spence wins this ridiculously high ollie contest.

Grady was working in high gear!

Some of the St. James locals...




Next pile of fun was the time trials. They were far too fast to even photograph.

Doyle knows best. Stretching before documenting skateboarding is always crucial.

The wait...

The race...

The tricks...

Chris Rossong!

Grady wins the time trials.

Austin wins...

Everybody wins! ...unless of course you're at the bottom of the product toss mosh pit!

Thank you Tyler! Keep the good times rolling!

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