Thursday, August 16, 2012

Garage sale, you must have.

We've been saving this for a rainy day and since it's been raining all week we had no excuses, so it's been done. I decided it's time to focus on Operation: "KOTB". This is code for "sink some cash in to the 64 Impala SS". We're launching the virtual garage sale via kijiji to aid us in these endeavors!

Many, many years ago it was Operation: "Build dozens of lowrider bikes". To accomplish this task the Star Wars collection was liquidated. The only toy left standing was this original Yoda!

Yoda represents what was given up to chase the dream of building fine lowriders. After CCM's, Speed Kings, Road Kings and Schwinn Stingrays there were Monte Carlos, Impalas, S-10s and Cadillacs. Now after coming full circle, we're back to where we started at the ultimate choice for any lowrider, the 64 Impala. Sorry... Yoda is not for sale! However, some other goodies are...

Some of the Schwinn Stingrays like the ones mentioned above like this 1969 Fair Lady or 1970 Lil' Chik

Wanna get behind the wheel of the 1958 Mercedes 219 (Ponton)? We want you behind the wheel too. That way we can back bumper the Impala that much sooner!

Gotta have at least one old camera for sale! Olympus Trip 35

2 Ton Pre-Cut Hopping Coils for the lowriders.

Last item for now is the Cool Cars (CCE) 10 switch Pre-Wired Box also for the lowriders.

We think it's a pretty bad ass garage sale. There's more to come so stay tuned as always. Now that we've taken care of that, it's time to skate!

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  1. If that is *the* yoda it represents even more, I'd say.