Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pay it forward

So the Poutine Queen returned to Quebec for a visit last month. Like nice people often do, she asked if there's anything I'd like her to bring back from Quebec. I responded with my default "NO, please don't bring anything back". Sometimes there's a language barrier, because she brought back a shop deck from Exo Shop. When I learned the deck was an 8.125" the first thing that popped in to my head in a Will Ferrel voice was "This skateboard is horse shit!" ..."I didn't want 8.125", I said it four times!"

Yes I looked the gift horse straight in the mouth. I'm and 8.5" kind of guy. Grady skates 8.125", so I paid the kind gesture forward. Just like that!

Since we're on the topic of sizes... The new Limited Edition P/S Skull shirts are available now in our online store only!

13 were made, 7 are left so get on it!

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