Thursday, September 27, 2012

Here we go again

What's going on in the Poutine Queen's kitchen?

Making poutine obviously, but there's more...

Weirdos playing WWE games on the PS3?

Hulk Hogan Loot Bags?

Wrestling toys?

...Poutine Queen's wrestling themed, birthday/poutine party!

She loves to throw parties and even though Halloween isn't for another month and a bit, dressing up is mandatory! Mrs. Poutine Queen-Hogan!

Mike "Mysterio" in his brand new onesie. Note: The onesie is not part of his wrestling character, "it's just so comfortable" he had to wear it!

This mini luchador is showing some class!

Macho Man and Jericho.

Side note: I am not much of a wrestling fan, nor a "dress up" fan, but I was forced to don my own luchador mask to infiltrate the ranks of wrestling loving nerds. Undercover reporting if you will to bring you the good stuff! Trivia bonus: I actually went to high school with the real Chris "Jericho" which is...


Let's get the second segment of this party started!

Live wrestling!

Love wrestling or hate it, this is only the second wrestling event I have ever attended in my life and I can only admit to being constantly entertained in some way, shape or form both times.

"Cruel Summer"

Shedding the tears.

The farmer was the victor...

...some people may have not noticed, cause the farmer's daughter?...was wearing short shorts! Waaay short!

Always creepy.

House of pain.

Yes...the Honky Tonk Man.

Lucha Libre-Pirate?

That's that!

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