Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rescheduled pancakes

Yesterday the roommate asked why there was no evidence of Saturday pancakes. The evidence referred to could include washed dishes and a griddle left to dry, but more importantly of course would be the customary left overs found in the fridge on a weekly basis. My answer was this.... It's the long weekend, so Saturday's pancakes where rescheduled to Sunday!

Here's some solid evidence.

Since we're already on subjects like food and long weekends... Long weekends usually means, less of a rush to do things. It's often pancakes right to skateboards, but instead we chose, pancakes, then lunch on the patio...

Like the Cousins Deli Veggie Burger consumed outdoors before we're forced to dine inside for about eight months straight.

...and then the skateboarding. It was decided a short trip to Selkirk was on the agenda.

Then it rained. The End.

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