Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Story telling

Once upon a time in St. James there was a dude named Grady. One day, Grady exclaimed "skate tomorrow!". Tomorrow became today, we all followed his instructions and found ourselves at Park West.

This guy may have been there on his own agenda, but he has an El Camino, so he automatically earns a spot in this ever so true story.

Grady, mustache, moped.


Stay Gold!

Number one.

This is a happy story where we get along with everyone. This includes Jordan with his evil, two wheeled transportation/stunt machine.

All the way from over there...David and...

Brendon! Party crashers? Or... of the party!

Brendon Sanderson big front side air.


Nose pick!


They all skated happily ever after... Well at least till way past dusk anyway. -The End

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