Monday, September 10, 2012

The real Lizard King

Sunday... Part I: Take free passes and go to check out the MRBE (Manitoba Reptile Breeders Expo) at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. At first I asked myself why, but then was quick to answer with "why not"

An adult Blue Tongue Skink from Mel's Exotics

A representative from the Manitoba Herpetocultural Society.

Then there was Steve...We'll refer to him as Lizard King (not the skateboarder).

This looks like too much fun to miss out on? Don't worry...the Lizard King will bring the party to you with Prairie Exotics

It wasn't all snakes, lizards and tarantulas. There was this adorable little urinating/defecating machine too! Cuddly, but we were warned... messy at times.

Sunday Part II coming soon (we will be be putting the focus back on our warm blooded friends).

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