Monday, October 15, 2012


We're well aware that one of the key ingredients to running a successful blog is to post consistently and aim to keep the content interesting to keep the readers coming back. In the last seven days we have failed to do this. Yes, we risk losing your attention if we haven't shared what's been going on in the last week, but sometimes something's gotta give. Much of it has to do with the crappy weather we've been having, but it goes beyond that. Posting on a blog in the first place is sharing and we all know sharing is caring. Sometimes I take a step back and wonder...what's relevant and what's not. How much is us documenting what's happening around us and how much is on a more personal level where the documenting is pointed more at ourselves? Which lines are to be crossed and which ones aren't?

A couple of weeks ago the social networking giant, that we all love to hate decided it was ok to help their millions of users over-share by posting private messages for all our friends to see. They denied it of course, but the proof was right in front of us. It made me wonder when I'm going to get around to pulling the plug? Are the pros (if there really are any in the big scheme of things) worth cons like that?

Aside from the statistics that inform me we have thousands of viewers every month from eighty plus countries around the world I often ask myself who ARE our readers? Do they even read the words or do they maybe just fall in to the category of viewers and they only look at the photos?

This morning a colleague came up to me, excited to inform me that they played some catch up with our most recent posts and just the fact that it was worth their time to come and talk to me about which photos they enjoyed the most etc.... reminded me one of the reason's we document and share things in the first place. Which is also one of the reasons I started taking photos in the first place. I'm excited about life and what goes on around me. People have shared stories of their experiences since the beginning of people. If sharing what we see helps others vicariously share our experiences through the photos we post, then I think it's a good thing. I can't promise that I'll do it forever or even next week...but in the meantime, the flame still burns!

In a sort of related story, I met a dude yesterday who asked me about Pancakes and Skateboards, probably due to the fact that I was wearing a P&S sweatshirt. He then informed me he had a few P&S shirts that he picked up at the store, but he was unaware that we even had this web site. It kind of made my day. He just liked the shirts for what they were and that's that! Hopefully if he does take the time to check out the site, maybe he'll like it too.

Now...before there's another riot from angry skateboarders we'll get back to business!

I assure you this first photo looks worse than it is. They always tell you if someone hurts their back "don't move them, call 911". This kid can take some bumps, so when he's complaining how much his back hurts after an unfortunate skateboarder vs. skateboarder collision, we weren't going to take any chances. Ambulance ride it was...

He was given a clean bill of health and was told to stay on a steady skateboarder diet of ibuprofen for the next few days following the incident.

Next order of business was getting down with the annual Tofurky dinner aka Thanksgiving.

I was going to go through the trouble of whipping up a vegan pumpkin pie until I found out Organic Planet was making some to order. Done and done.

Just when we thought the over indulging was over, our friend Oksana dropped by...

...she's a big jerk and she forced us to eat these vegan treats.

Shame on us.

After the food coma was over and the back pain dissipated it was time to go for a little run.

Everybody lived happily ever after and we were finally back at the skate park!

Stuart was filming some lines.

After multiple attempts to board slide this rail, this little trooper stops to trouble shoot to see if maybe his board is the issue?

Great knowledge comes with experience and any seasoned skater knows that the board can do the tricks just fine, it's usually a case of operator error.

One week away from a scary ride to the hospital and it's business as usual!

That's that!

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  1. Think of your blog posts like modern day cave paintings. They entertain & educate present and future readers. They provide a snapshot of the life of a thirty-something, skateboarding, single dad. Thanks for sharing!