Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blue and Green. The light test.

So I slapped a new roll of B&W film in my camera the other day and started shot some random portraits. After the first three victims, I noticed the everyone's eyes were either blue or green. I decided then to dedicate the whole film to shooting people with blue or green eyes. Mélissa was victim number four. I don't always do a light test, but it's often a good practice. Some days the light test ends up becoming the keeper.

...I'm not sure if that's the case yet this time around as I ran out of victims with green and blue eyes. I'm on the hunt for the next victim so I can finish this roll of film and get around to processing it. Do you have blue or green eyes? Don't be shy, volunteers are always welcome!


  1. Greenish brown. Sorry :(

  2. We might put a few frames aside just for you.