Friday, November 2, 2012

We remember Halloween

"This day, anything goes. Burning bodies hanging from Poles. I remember Halloween" -The Misfits

If New Jersey can postpone Halloween, we can be slow with our Halloween post right? Regardless, here it is.

I spent my Halloween hanging out with Number One's alter ego knows as "Afro Joe". He's rad, be jealous.

The trick or treating crew were moving too fast to keep up with so there wasn't enough time to document this awesome Halloween house properly, but I did grab one shot of Frankie and the mummy eating pizza.

A portion of Afro Joe's scary posse.

Our hi-jinx ended shortly after that, but thanks to on site correspondent Jay Peters, we were able to bring you the Halloween action from The Edge Skatepark that we unfortunately missed.

That's that!

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