Monday, December 24, 2012

DV Gallery

It's always nice to have a "project" crossed off of the list and I am happy to announce that the DV Gallery is ready for your viewing pleasure (best viewed in person of course). Crossing off the!

What exactly is the DV Gallery? Let's start with this... Delicious Restaurant (a.k.a. Delicious Vegetarian Restaurant, commonly referred to as Delicious Vegetarian or DV) is a place that I've dined at enough over the past two decades that I could call it a second home. For approximately the past two years the walls have been void of art. Many, many months ago I pitched the idea of providing some photos to remedy the situation and not only was the pitch happily accepted, it has finally come to fruition. So for our own purposes we're referring to this as the DV Gallery on our site.

The prints are for sale of course, but the main mission is to grow our audience in an off-the-internet/analog fashion. If you drop in to dine at the restaurant, we hope you enjoy the photos! You can check it all out at 1467 Pembina Hwy in Winnipeg!

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