Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Green and Blue in Black and White

People often offer the advice "don't quit your day job". I rode that scary roller coaster once and I'd do it again if I felt certain circumstances warranted such a bold move, but the fact is...I am currently very thankful to have a "day job".

There's rarely a reason to bring a camera to work, but last month there was and that's when I started a new project that lasted a month...or as long as one roll of film. I took a few shots of some co-workers and quickly realized they all had either green or blue eyes. It was then I decided to dedicate the entire roll to co-workers and friends alike that happened to have blue or green eyes.

Danielle "The Buyer"

Billy Joel "The Rep" from the "Movember" shoot.

Danielle part II.

The man I fondly refer to as "Silvertongue".

@crujonez during Movember as well.

Mélissa is not a co-worker, unless of course I work on the Star Ship Enterprise!

Breakfast buddies, Amanda and Jordie

Jordie and Amanda

...and then there was Cassandra!

...part II

...part III

That's that!

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