Saturday, December 15, 2012

Metal Heart - The Story

Recently we posted an introduction to Cassandra and her Metal Heart clothing line.

People often ponder what they would do if money were no object. Cassandra has already answered that question... make beautiful clothes!

She creates, sews and paints clothes becuase she loves it! It's that simple.

Unfortunately, life isn't that simple and money is an object. Now that we've finished shooting her current offerings it's time to check out the Metal Heart store online. If you ladies like what you see...consider supporting someone creative closer to home than handing your money over at some place where the money ends up in the hands of some big corporation. If we all did our best to think and shop like this, more and more people could live off of what they love to do every day!

Spent all your money already at the mall? Visit her online store, her facebook page, her instagram account and start "liking" away to help her get the word out about Metal Heart!

That's that!

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