Saturday, December 22, 2012

Modern Taco

Many moons ago Winnipeg had a Chi-Chi's restaurant. It thrived, it died, it closed. It was never anything to rave about, but it was all we had for "Mexican Food".

There was always Taco Time as a back up plan and then there was of course Taco Bell if you just needed a fix. Aside from that I've always felt that we lived in a post Chi-Chi's drought of anything related to Latin Cuisine, Hispanic offerings or simple Mexican food. For a while we had the El Salvadorian option of La Fiesta, but they moved out of the old West End to the suburban equivalent of the boonies (which is as good as leaving the planet as far as I'm concerned).

That was then, this is now and the drought has finally ended. Similar to the bagel restaurants in the 90's and the sushi restaurants of the 2000's (that have now spread to every corner of our medium sized city), we've been experiencing a mini explosion of restaurants with burrito and taco offerings alike! We've been to a few and we've heard about others, but the game has changed as of this month when Modern Taco Company entered the equation!

The story...

The first visit was by myself and the second visit was the very next day with my partner in crime. We lucked out with the Alfred E. Newman bobble head...there were other unique bobble heads, but I'm pretty sure the other customers were jealous with rage that we scored the Alfred.

The appetizer is not necessary, but after my first experience I realized having some chips on the side could help with any taco filling mishaps (should such a situation arise). There is of course forks for that as well.

The reason we even heard of this new restaurant in the first place is because we were tipped off by the kind folks at the Canadian Hemophilia Society - Manitoba Chapter. They're a huge fan of Chef Rob Thomas as he donates his talent to their Gala dinner every year! They tipped us off. We lucked out and Chef Rob himself showed up at our tables Tacos in hand!

Appealing to both the eyeballs...

...and the taste buds!

How's the service? Awesome! Although camera shy, Angela the kitchen supervisor even paid us a visit to ensure everything was a-o.k.!

Go visit them now at 612B Academy Rd. in Winnipeg, follow Modern Taco Company on twitter and like them on facebook.

Final thoughts...we're all about pancakes, so we're returning tomorrow to try out the corn cakes! Vegan menu options? Yes! Licensed for those who drink? Yes! One suggestion...bring in some Jarritos drinks to wash down those delicious Modern Tacos!

That's that!

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