Monday, January 28, 2013

Get in the water!

The following story couldn't be further away from eating Pancakes or going skateboarding. As a matter of fact...pancakes were skipped to make sure we got out of the house on time for this event!

Stay tight!

Get ready...

Game on!

Number one son had recently decided to add water polo to his résumé, so we spent the last three days participating in the Bushido Invitationals. Like any good parent with a camera, I volunteered to capture some of the action for the Bushido facebook page.

You can check out the facbook page for all of the action, but in the meantime, faces have been covered with splashes to protect the identity of the players.

I am completely kidding, but although shooting water action is fun, it can be a challenge!

Number one son taking charge!


All good things come to an end.

If you asked me three weeks ago if I could ever picture myself poolside, documenting a water polo tournament... I would have chuckled at the thought. So far, so good. Documenting a portion of the tournament was actually a great way to spend another Winnipeg weekend...indoors!

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