Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Parallel Universe

If you visit this blog on a regular basis and also happen to know Dave Rand of Capitol Motorsports in Winnipeg, you may have noticed we spent our New Years Eve with Dave. We were invited to his house and I was kind of excited, because we hadn't actually crossed paths in a VERY long time!

If you visit often enough you'll already know that we love our archives, so when I found out that Dave had his own archives from the late 80's and early 90's I was stoked to get a peak at them. When he opened up the first photo album I quickly realized that we had been living in parallel universes back in the 80's and 90's, but I was living the Westwood version and he was living the St. Vital Version. It was uncanny to me just how similar our photo albums were.

Mine is shown here on top, with Dave's on the bottom.

Skate photos (modified with scissors of course), mixed in with a healthy does of Thrasher and other skate/music mag clippings.

Winnipeg Skateboarders future vs. The Pandas. It was a close one! Skateboarding...still a crime in Winnipeg. After the local skateboarding community proved it wasn't a "fad"...the money finally started rolling in to build skate parks. Better late than never!

Dave himself circa 1986.

St. Vital represent!

Some great art was found in the albums... well as this gem. This could be the beginnings of Capitol Motorsports. Omar sells Dave a moped!

The craziest thing to me about our parallel universes colliding was when Dave told me he had photos of me. No one ever has photos of the photographer! This seriously messed with me head. All of the years of looking at the photos I shot that night, I had no recollection of myself at that point and time. Now I do... No glasses required, ALL shirt, Minolta X-700, Vivitar 285HV (still use the same flashes today), with my handy Quantum Battery Pack (R.I.P.).

I also learned what I missed due to living on the other side of town. "Reility" playing in Dave's garage...

....and D.K.!

That's that! If you'd like to see more Winnipeg Skateboarding History, check out the facebook page. dedicated to just that!

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