Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Edge 125 Pacific Ave Part II

The last post was published after a very long day, so it was lacking in detail to say the least. I've put a few moments aside to share more information on the now available The Edge 125 Pacific Ave book that was published to commemorate the 17 years of skateboarding and more that went down at The Edge Skatepark when they were located at 125 Pacific Ave.

Anna Lazowski from CBC posted more details in a great piece on the CBC SCENE page.

The book is full of great photos and memories! If you've ever been or you're just curious what went down there during the last 17 years...this book is a must have!

Although these photos aren't from the book itself, our friend George Zullich sent these to us when he heard about the book launch to show us a peak of his own Edge Skatepark archives!

Note: When I was at the NEW Edge Skatepark the other day, I needed to blow my nose. I went to the washroom to find some tissue and I noticed the stalls were out of toilet paper. I had an instant flashback of George's first shot...

The book can currently be purchased at McNally, The Edge Skatepark as will be coming soon to select skate shops.

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