Friday, March 29, 2013

Drive by shooting. Part I

One of the things I enjoy the most from photography is getting up close and personal to the subject and often their story. Having said that, we can't always do everything the same way and that's why every once in awhile I think it's also fun to change it up and challenge myself to take a different approach. The last time I took this approach I posted some drive by shooting photos taken one Saturday afternoon while in Toronto.

A few weeks ago while taking a break from being the "wheel man", I got another opportunity for drive by shooting while taking a trip from Corydon Ave. to Henderson Hwy. They're not always in focus and composition is obviously a challenge at 10-50km/hr, but sometimes the results are still fun. They also tell a story that leaves a little bit more to the imagination as there is no dialogue between subject and photographer.

If you live anywhere near Corydon, then Candace commuting on her bike is probably a familiar site.

This is Winnipeg. It's winter for the majority of the year, but we still maintain the crown for the Slurpee Capital of the world. So it isn't uncommon to come across scenes like this...

Edge Skatepark at 125 Pacific. R.I.P.

The bus driver...

To be continued...

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