Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pancakes and Running

I'm not saying everyone who ran the Manitoba Marathon ate pancakes to start their day, but they should have... cause that only makes sense! In honor of the hard work and dedication of so many.... here are some highlights that we caught during the run.


Marathon leader and 1st place finisher Evans Maiko

Trailing 20 seconds behind for 2nd place is Brian Walker

3rd place finisher Bradley Keefe hydrates at the Wolseley relay point.

Not just boys fun! Gina Tranquada comes in 1st place for the ladies!


Make some noise!

Peter and Hiedrun!

Put your hands in the air!

The hand off!

Get metal!!! So rad!

Heck Yeah!

Canada... @#%&* Yeah!

Donna and Evan!

Fransisco and Kevin!

Anxiously awaiting relay team members...

The reason we were even up early enough to catch all this action... Number one son gearing up for his 9.68km relay stretch.

The best coincidence ever... driving past number one while on the way to the next relay hand off!


More action at the start of the fifth leg.

The cool down!

Fransisco passes by again...

Lots of entertainment en route.

A different variety of entertainment on Kingston Row.

Watching all of this running can wipe you right out!

Check back soon! I hope to get around to posting a link with loads of more marathon action photos!

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