Monday, July 22, 2013

Angel "Seck" Martinez

We don't care too much for "sponsor me" videos and requests from kids who don't seem to get what we're all about at Pancakes and Skateboards. Sometimes I wonder if they'd even viewed our blog period. What we do care about is every once in awhile meeting new friends near and far that we just "click" with. Once example of this would be when we met "Seck" in Mexico City (Distrito Federal).

Seck has never asked for anything, but what he has done is keep in touch since we met back in 2011. He represents just about everything we love about skateboarding in general. In case you missed it in a recent post, here's his latest clips... (note the P&S love)

That video prompted us to do something we should have done a long time ago... We welcomed Angel "Seck" Martinez to the P&S family!

That that!

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