Sunday, July 28, 2013

Austin Hufnagel

When we landed in Los Angeles, the first order of business was to settle in to where we were staying in Venice Beach. The second order of business was obviously to head to the Venice Skatepark. Due to an obvious young age, combined with a great deal of talent; the first skater that caught my eye was Austin Hufnagel. On our third day at the park, I finally got to meet him and his father. On the fourth day at the park, we shot some photos!

Meet 11 year old, Austin...

Austin was introduced to skateboarding at an early age while growing up in Puerto Rico. Currently calling New York home, he is fortunate enough to be vacationing on the west coast. What better to do while on the west coast that to hone those skills at the local park!?

Backside over the hip...

After shooting a few photos... he asks if I'd like to shoot "the backflip". Obviously yes, but I was still shocked at the question. My own question was "are you ready?" His answer...

It goes without saying, super kid... superman!

I could tell right off the hop that this kid just loved skateboarding. Being great at it is a perk. Being dedicated to it, is what helps makes him great at it. Being fearless also helps a little I'm sure!

Check out Austin's facebook page here.

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