Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Element Skate Camp Part II

So we left you hanging after Element Skate Camp Part I. No big deal, here's the follow up!

I only imagine if I kept on walking that I'd eventually find the Ewok Village...

...Back to reality...Element Skate Camp!

There was just so much to take in during drop off that I had to snap some shots! Just a small taste of the art at camp...

The "Art Shed" itself was in the midst of some TLC.

Paint party!


Things you don't do at other camps.... learn how to make skateboard decks!

The sanding/shaping station...

Resident artist...spank

Not just skateboarding, canoeing, campfires, skits, elemental awareness etc... Ping Pong!

The mega mini alone was a a good reason to beg to stay the week!

Of course, that never happened. We left and came back six days later very, very early in the morning!

All packed up!

We had to leave L.A. at 5:15am to make it to camp in time for the 9:30am viewing of the week's video. These guys just simply rolled out of bed!

Good morning dreadlocks...

Taylor Morgan takes a well deserved high-five before introducing the video he stayed up all night editing!

Too early for popcorn!

Jealous? Don't can view the entire week's footage here!

After the screening, I took one last look around. More art...

More mini ramp!

Probably one of the most loved ramps. The launch ramp in to the lake!

The bowl!

Number One Son was loving the mini-mega "El Diablo". I couldn't be more jealous!

Time to hit the road...

Enough said...Always Shred!

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