Sunday, July 7, 2013

Free Time!

This is Sean. I introduced myself to him this morning while at the skate park. He's not from around here so I had to bring him up to speed on Pancakes and Skateboards. He assured me he started today with pancakes. Perfect!

It happens to be Sean's day off. If you spent all week at "the office", would you want to spend your day off at the office?

Well, maybe if your "office" looked a little like this... wouldn't be so bad. So it appears that when Sean and some of the other New Line crew get a day off from building the new skate park in Winkler, Manitoba, they headed on in to the city and stopped by New Line built; Komenda Skatepark!

The crew (minus the one still sleeping in the truck). It was early!

Pancakes and skateboarding. A perfect start to any great day!

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