Monday, July 15, 2013

The Birdman Cometh

If you follow this blog, you'll know that from time to time we give credit, where credit is due with regards to Tony Hawk. There should be no doubt that we hold him in high regard. When I say we, I do refer to my son and I. I have a great memory of letting my son stay up late to watch the live feed of the Pro-Tec Pool Party when Tony Hawk showed up after 10 years of staying out of competitive skateboarding to shred with his old buddies in the Masters Division of the contest. That great memory was replaced with the brand new memory of us both having the opportunity to witness Tony Hawk perform a live demo with his crew at the local mall earlier today, thanks to the Quicksilver/Sportchek partnership.

Number one son and some of the other fans eagerly waits in anticipation.

This dude Nathan drove in from out of province! Arriving early enough to get in on some autographed set ups.

When I say early, I mean early. Mark and Tyler reportedly showed up close to 7:00am to earn a face to face with the man himself. Why? Hardcore fans recognizing a great opportunity, that's why!

Another hardcore fan...or just a little hardcore period? I say two thumbs up!

The wonderful promo crew!

The lovely P.R. crew!

Kevin from the set up/tear down crew (and associates)!

The Edge Skatepark crew (well Cliff anyway-one man crew) and Darnell

Pancakes and Skateboards crew (a.k.a. Will Power the trouble maker-barge at will!)

Hang the bloody D.J.!? Not really...he kept the entire place bumping!

...and here we go! Tony Hawk!

16 year old, Mitche Brusco!

Don't judge this book by the cover!

Lizzie Armanto kills it!

End result? Increased fan base in a heartbeat!

Another personal hero/childhood influence of mine... Kevin Staab with a huge backside ollie.

Kevin Staab invert!

They advertised the demo as "all ages" and I was personally stoked to see both ends of the spectrum!

Instagram, DSLR, Instagram, DLSR? Decisions, decisions! It's always a struggle to watch, enjoy, document and upload for social media purposes all at the same time. Sensory overload!

Brett "The Blind Kid" Devloo was at ramp side to take in all the action.

Lincoln Ueda was a force to be reckoned with. Seriously insane (in a good way)!

Elliot Sloan!

Elliot Sloan fans!

One or two photos each of these ├╝ber talented skaters just don't do them or the demo any justice, but one is unfortunately all you get.

Tony Hawk!

Thank you! Birdman, over and out!

That's that!

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