Friday, July 5, 2013

The Blind Kid - Part I

A few years ago I walked in to the corner gas station and as usual I was greeted by a particular friendly, young neighbor of mine working the cash register. He was wearing sunglasses and it struck me as odd, considering we were indoors. As always, I asked him "how's it going?". His reply was on the negative side. I can't remember his exact words, but I remember how shocked I was when he said something like "it sucks, I'm going blind". In a mere instant, I felt like I became extremely grateful for my own sight. A quick series of things I take for granted flashed through my mind and how much I'd miss them if I was in his position. I expressed my condolences with regards to his unfortunate situation and that was the last time I ever bumped in to him.

Skip forward a few years later and I hear about another young person that lost his sight as well... almost overnight. A friend of mine got in touch with me after watching this particular individual last year at a public speaking gig at the school she teaches at. She was so floored with what a positive attitude this kid had. She was equally floored that I had yet to hear about "The Blind Kid". Not just because he was quickly becoming a local celebrity with his positive outlook and willingness to share his story, but because aside from the fact that he lost his sight... he continues to be dedicated to skateboarding!

Well after hearing about "The Blind Kid" aka Brett Devloo, I was quick to introduce myself. Many, many, many months later after numerous attempts to make plans, we finally decided it was time to meet. Here's the teaser...

He's not just dedicated to skateboarding as an idea, he's dedicated to skateboarding as part of his daily life!

Brett knows no boundaries!

Laser flip!

I believe he'd do rolling hand stands all day long if you let him. If you're lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet him, ask nicely and he'll likely show you "his pipes".

Brett's full of wonderful ideas and has great plans. He's already turned one of his plans in to action with the offerings of his own street wear brand TBK

We're calling this "Part I" and referring to it as just a teaser, because Brett's positive attitude, perfect sense of humour and unlimited energy will keep us coming back for more! So needless to say, stay tuned for more of The Blind Kid, hopefully in the near future!


  1. Awesome kid! Awesome post! Keep the positive posts coming.

  2. Love it! -Oksana