Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where the magic happens

Have you ever thought to yourself... "that would make a great photo", but you were in too much of a rush to stop and take the photo, only to regret it later? The same goes for spotting someone that you think would look great in a photo... You see them and you can imagine the photo in your head, but you just couldn't find it in you to ask them to let you take their photo. All based on the fact that they might say no? They say the magic happens far outside of your comfort zone and I always say "if you don't ask, you'll never know". Sometimes this requires approaching total strangers. If I never went out of my way to meet new people, I'd run out of people to take new photos of and fast!

This is Janel...

Moments earlier (before the above photo was shot), I noticed Janel while I was stuck at a red light and she was waiting for the bus. The photographer in me said "there's a striking photo opportunity, get the shot!". The way I looked at it was that I had two choices... One, was to keep on driving only to think to myself later how I missed an opportunity to not only take a photo, but to make a simple connection with another person. The other choice (and obviously the path chosen) was to get out of the comfort zone, out of the car, approach the potential photo subject and ask nicely to take a photo. No regrets... Thanks Janel!

Get out there and do something out of your own comfort zone... TODAY!

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