Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back pocket

As apologies for the delay, but it is about time to we started catching up with some posts. Usually we strive to keep things all current affairs and all, but we're starting off with some photos I've been keeping in my back pocket for quite some time.

We were on our way out of town one night, earlier in July. There just happened to be an automobile enthusiast get together going down at the legislative grounds that night, so we made sure to take the "long way" out of town.

First car I spied with my little eye was Mario's 64. Mario was no where in sight, but his car is always a reminder of the 64 that sits in the back lane waiting for some TLC.

Old school buses...

...museums on wheels!

Boba Fett!

Met a heavily armed dude named Trevor. Armed with Nikons anyway!

Met a lady named Helga.

Met a dude named Roger. I obviously needed to ask to take a shot of "the bars".

Relax...anywhere! Awesome!

Not an hour later...a sure sign we were out of town. Yes, we have plenty of deer in the city, but you get the point.

You don't see THIS in the city, if at all!

A parking lot FULL of cars and only the red Volkswagen was the fish fly magnet!

A few days later, caught this dragon fly doing some push ups! No, not really.

Now we return you to your regularly scheduled program...

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