Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pancakes and Winkler

Regular weekend or long weekend, they should all start out with pancakes!

Post pancakes, we headed out of town to see the brand spankin' new skate park they built in Winkler, Manitoba. We didn't realize there was a storm the night before, so the park needed some clean up action when we got there...

After a good sweep, this bowl was ready for action!

So was the rest of the park! Number one son with a big ollie.


Over the wall... Like you mean it!

Big front side air to flat!

Bumped in to Matt and Mat!

Matt with a backside disaster.

At first glance, you would think this was some sort of bail shot, but no... Local skater Chris was whipping up these early-grab-Christ-air-type-deals to flat. Landed? Yes!

The park is great. The day was sunny, hotter than hot and then we had what seemed like a four minute warning of dark clouds before the sky dumped sooo much rain! How much you ask? This much!

Hey...small town Main St. fun! Stand on the curb and hope to get splashed in traffic. Mission accomplished during this Ram race!

Thank you Winkler! That's that!


  1. We did Winkler 2 weeks ago, great park, we were there 15 minutes on a hot humid day when the skies opened up and washed us away :(

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