Monday, August 5, 2013

This is L.A., not Winnipeg

If you're in to bands like The Freeze, The F.U.'s and Gang Green, you're more than likely familiar with the 1982 various artist compilation entitled "The is Boston not L.A.". If that is the case, you'd probably be more appreciative and understanding when we make posts like "This is Winnipeg, Not L.A.". Well, keeping with the same theme, I'm thrilled that the B&W film is finally processed and all the other photos taken during our stay on the west coast were ready for uploading so we can bring you "This is L.A., not Winnipeg!"

Our reason for being in California in the first place was to drop off Number One Son at Element Skate Camp. We chose to stay in Venice Beach, prior to, during and after the time he was in said camp. I'd like to think we took in Venice Beach with eyes wide open...

...Open to the fact that Venice is west side culture, a vibrant place to be since the 50's and 60's, runs deep with history and social diversity and once you show up, you may never want to leave!

Owned, rented or borrowed, the boardwalk between Venice Beach and Santa Monica is full of people riding bikes from sunrise... sunset and beyond.

Skateboards? If you can't already imagine California/West Coast culture to be like this... Regardless of size, shape, gender, race, skill level or social standing, nearly everyone embraces the skateboard as a mode of transportation, just like Ciara...

As you could expect when on the west coast, it's not all bikes, scooters, Segways and skateboards. You'll no doubt pass a head turning car on more than one occasion.

As one would expect in a community pioneered by artists; there would be art for sale... well as not for sale.

Most of it by the artists themselves; while some of it had a bit more of a commercial feel like the offerings at Titanic.

Not to discredit how truly amazing these pieces of art truly were.

Large like Optimus Prime (above) or small like these wonderful creations on the sidewalk display!

Yes, we're in California...

...If sunglasses won't help solve all of your glaucoma issues, maybe you need to seek out a stronger prescription? Just keep in mind that 10-20 years from now, it could be YOU being one of the many people hanging out on the boardwalk with your very own cardboard "need money for weed" signs!

If street vendors on the boardwalk aren't your thing, but you still have bankroll burning a hole in your pocket... Maybe you're better off heading for the shops of Abbot Kinney or down to Santa Monica where we found this very expensive, but most impressive Dr. Martens store.

If you stick around Santa Monica until dark, you'll be able to catch the nightlife of the infamous Santa Monica Pier.

Where we also caught a little solo parkour action.

All of this running around is bound to make you hungry, so it's time for food! Late night in Santa Monica? We found vegan offerings like this pizza at Rosti Tuscan Kitchen.

Not bad, but not nearly as great as the vegan, organic and macrobiotic offerings at Seed in Venice Beach like these cooler ranch tacos...

...or this delicious seitan sirloin burger

If I was going to make a suggestion of a place that you MUST try when in Santa Monica (or Hollywood)...Swingers!

Not all vegan, but vegan friendly enough for the vegan "thumbs up" legend on their menu.

Number one reason we'd suggest this place? Pancakes! Anytime! Obviously!


Be warned, if you order this burger, you'll have to dig the grainy texture...quinoa? Just sayin'

Cobb salad.

Hardcore Soy Shake

Green eyed lady!

It goes without saying... ass, cash or grass! Nobody eats for free.

Swing and Destroy! Thrasher Magazine approved? Maybe not. Maybe the editors eat at Swingers?

Before lunch or after lunch, it doesn't matter... get to the Venice Beach Skatepark! Clinton is a big dude (big in a "goes to the gym and works out" good way). That's why it is so much more impressive to see him pull inverts like this one! Awesome, chill dude too!

Redbull may flow Steve Martinez some drinks and some of his gear (I am guessing at this), but clearly he doesn't need the Redbull as he already has his own wings!

All jokes aside, he kills it at this park!

I had no doubt in my mind that we'd randomly bump in to a few of the pirates from a skate tour I was on with some of the boys from Venice Beach a couple of years ago and Mightye was no exception!

Number One Son getting in on the action after his return from camp...

Board slide.

Over the hip!

Venice Beach Skatepark, you will be missed!

Exercising patience while we skate...

I think ALL skate parks should have a ready accessible body of water to swim in post skate session! Although there is a beach right at the park, we swung back down to Santa Monica...



Now that we got that out of our system, we returned to Venice Beach. As seen on T.V. (AMC) and earlier in the week for us, we returned once again to the Venice Beach Freak Show!

Marcus "The Creature".


Lots to see inside the museum.

Jessa, the bearded lady!

Asia Ray!


The amazing, courageous, courteous and wonderful Billy Owen!

Meanwhile... breaking out the film camera for some B&W of the Venice Beach locals back at the skate park...





Not so local, Mary (from South Central L.A.).

Z-Flex, Globe, Arbor, Dusters or Penny boards... All a staple on the boardwalk.

Chris came to visit with us from Vegas!

Shooting the shooter.

At dusk...

Strike a pose!

Thank you Los Angeles!

Looking for a place to stay while in Venice Beach? Look no further! We stayed HERE and we'd refer any of our friends and family to do the same! That's that!

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