Thursday, September 5, 2013

Going backwards

Sometimes we post chronologically and sometimes we don't. Last Sunday we left early to hit up a local skate park to push past new limits!

We bumped in to Malcolm. He matched!

Then a pit stop for some delicious breakfast at Stellas. Side note: All these years I never ventured in to a Stellas before, up until three weeks ago. This of course was my third visit already. The Vegan Mexican!

Funny how we JUST ATE, but yet couldn't pass up an invitation like this...


Indian Palace serving it up!

Line ups everywhere!


...for everyone!

What's going down? A gathering by the local Sikh Community for feasting, speeches and basically a huge party after their Nagar Kirtan procession downtown. This year marked the 409th Parkash Utsav of Shri Guru Granth Sahib.

Goods for sale!

Relaxing in the shade.

Putting in some bench time.

So many colours, so many photos to take!

It's an all ages affair!

Ready to perform.

Unfortunately, it was time for us to leave, but for the record... When this community says "Everyone Welcome", they mean it! There were approximately 20,000 people expected at this gathering and random strangers were constantly coming up to us to ensure we were being fed or trying some of the delicious food. Hospitality at it's finest! True friendly Manitobans!

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