Friday, November 15, 2013

Collective Chaos Opening Night

As expected, Graffiti Art Programing Inc. put one one heck of an opening for their Collective Chaos - en masse show last night.

You still have to go down to the gallery to appreciate it's awesomeness in it's entirety, so we're not posting photos of the entire project itself. Not yet anyway... there's still a month for you to get off of your couch and down to the gallery to see it in person.

Winnipeg Jets fans may recognize some of these faces in the crowd...

(From left to right) Jim Slater, Pat Lazo (despite all the things he does do, playing for The Jets is not one of them), Anthony Peluso and Mark Stuart.

Steve and Pat Celebrating the Graffiti Gallery's 15th year!

Mel and Faith

Ryan P.

Wes Harcus!

Document it!

Dog's life!

Celebrity sightings...

Steve Ackerman!

That's that!

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