Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Top 10 Skateboarding Moments

In 2012, this category had a Top 5. 2013 deserves a Top 10!

We love frontside airs. Will Power @ The Edge Skatepark!

Watch him. Get inspired by him! Jared Arnason @ The Edge Skatepark

Grady Kuly @ Skatepark West!

...and again!

Ryan Martin @ Komenda!

Mitchie Brusco in the Polo Park Mall parking lot!

Feeling sorry for yourself? Get over it! This kid doesn't! Leading by example... Brett Devloo! - The Blind Kid!

11yr old Austin Hufnagel @ Venice Beach!

Curren Caples @ The Forks Plaza!

Last, but never least... Number One Son a.k.a. Dan the Man @ Element Skate Camp!

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