Saturday, March 22, 2014

Compendium Artist Market Fundraiser

Down at 564 1/2 Main St. Compendium Artist Market is under construction.

A hop, skip and a jump away at The Media Hub located at 72 Princess St., there was an art auction/fundraiser for Compendium last night. With well over 50 local and non-local artists and crafters donating their work (in so many different mediums including photography), it's safe to say that Compendium Artist Market has the support of the community it intends to provide services for.

Anyone I talked with seemed to be looking forward to seeing Ryan Poworoznik's dream and vision come to reality and open its doors for business.

DJ Coda

From the mind of Nyco Rudolph...

Never expect anything less than great from Gabrielle Funk

Someone finally understands what George Lucas was trying to say with E.T.


A preview of Ryan's Kickstarter Campaign.

Stay tuned for more as Compendium comes closer to opening this spring!

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