Friday, April 25, 2014

Dogtown to Winnipeg

So I met Venice Beach transplant Steve Primo last month. I say transplant, because he currently resides in Winnipeg, but has Dogtown blood running through his veins.

I requested a photo during our bowl session. He was down. He warned me “I haven’t skated in four months”.

Steve Primo is a grandfather (in the literal sense). If his only “excuse” for being potentially “rusty” is “I haven’t skated in four months” and not “I’ve never skated this bowl before”, "I’m almost fifty years old!” or… “I’M A GRANDPA!”… Well then learn something from this guy! Thrash or be thrashed!

Want to learn more about Primo? So do we! Stay tuned for the full story in P&S Zine Issue 3.5 coming soon!

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