Saturday, April 5, 2014

Neon Factory

Since we were already bouncing from one adventure to another today; when I spotted local antique collector Mike from the The Neon Factory and Pollock's Hardware Co-op walking down Main St., I hailed him down for a quick portrait. He obliged.

Mike then encouraged us to check out the latest and the greatest at the Neon Factory, so away we went! The new home to the retired sign from Winnipeg's infamous Kelekis Restaurant

Speaking of restaurants that are no longer with us anymore... Here's a booth from Shanghai Restaurant. Note: Not just any booth. This is the booth that Mike, his brother Joe and their family sat in when the dined at the restaurant over the years. Awesome!

A giant Kodak Instamatic.

Nothing to do with neon signs, but just as cool as everything else on the display floor... a 1989 Nissan Pao


That Monkey!

That's that!

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