Sunday, May 4, 2014

Panckes and Running - Run at The Ridge Edition

What's going on here you ask?

Making pancake batter at the industrial level!

By industrial level, I mean feeding more than 1,200 participants at this years Run at the Ridge! The 2km run was wrapped up and the 5km race participants were ready to go!

Pancakes and anything that comes after pancakes is the general rule around here. Today however, it was run first and pancakes second.

1st place winner Brenden Gemmell is nearly tackled, no wait... just tackled at the finish line! Got to get that bar code scanned!

Number One Son with the yell!

The age class victory and a his goal achieved with his new personal best @ 20:38. Congrats!

The pancakes (of the non-vegan variety).

Oranges and...


Just enough grub to tie over until we returned home to ...make PANCAKES!

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