Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Follow the smile

Staying with the theme of being on vacation in our own city, we ventured off to another "burger joint" we had yet to experience. Market Burger...

First impressions were less than desired as we showed up at 9:00pm, post rush and they were allegedly short staffed. The upstairs patio server seemed to be a bit more of the friendly sort, so we followed her smile upstairs. Note the roller skate bottom on this thing. That keeps this post almost skateboard related? Yes!

Vegan black bean burger. Mushy, but tasty.

"The Wolseley" fries with vegan gravy and tofu curds.

Just like NUBURGER; you had us at "vegan friendly", but at the end of the day we remain loyal to boon burger for Winnipeg's best gourmet burgers of the vegan variety.

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