Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bad Timing

Unfortunately there's only so much time on this earth. It goes without saying that every moment should be cherished. If there are a group of individual moments that could be combined to make the cut of some of life's "top moments"; turning wrenches on cars with my pops would be that collection of moments!

We all have more important things to do, but maybe for the vice versa reason noted above is why my father dropped whatever it was that he was doing when I asked him to come help me trouble shoot engine problems on the 58' Mercedes this past Sunday. The car hasn't run properly for some time. Today was the day I felt the need to get on it. We rebuilt the carburetor to start.

We were well aware that we should keep our trouble shooting in order of the cylinder compression, set the valve lash, followed by the ignition timing AND THEN the carburetor. What can I say? We had a carburetor kit, no timing light and other various tools at our disposal so we started at the other end of the trouble shooting spectrum.

Mechanics must have invented the phrase "get your hands dirty"!

Rebuilt and ready for install.

The results? Still running rich! Darn it!

Back to the drawing board. Project Mercedes gets put back on hold.

Our project for you... Grab some wrenches, grab your dad (or any other awesome-type-person in your life for that matter) and go fix something today! Enjoy life and eat some pancakes!

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