Monday, September 1, 2014

No photos please!

In our last post you'll notice the broken tree. The tree is no more. The tree fell on the hydro wire. The hydro company couldn't make it on time to save the wire. The wire pulled the hydro meter off of the house. The wire was on the ground by then. Hydro cut the power. We plugged our fridge in to our neighbors garage. The tree was removed. The electrician needed to hook up the meter back to the house. The city said the install was old school and needed to be brought back up to code. We moved in to a hotel. The electrician came by a few days later and brought our house up to code. The city gave the install a passing grade. Hydro hooked our power back up. We moved back in.

Publishing zines cost money. Falling trees cost money. Long story short... sorry we've been absent, but we're busy trying to make lemonade out of daily life.

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