Thursday, November 6, 2014


The flea market is always a fun place for me to take photos. They're often packed with interesting people and at least interesting stuff. Unfortunately the last trip to the flea market; I dared to take a photo of this blonde lady without permission. I figured it would be silly to ask her as she was in fact a mannequin. Her "owner" on the other hand (lurking in the background of this photo) got super uptight and started in with an inquisition of why I'd take a photo of her mannequin. I tried to explain to her that photographers often end up taking photographs and that's kind of how it works. You can't have one without the other. She went on to accuse me (and number one son) of "casing" her booth with the intention of showing thieves all of the stuff they can steal later. Cause we all know that thieves can't be bothered to leave the couch unless someone has shown them "the goods" at the flea market in advance? I am now posting this photo, but I plead with you... please don't steal Mecha-Streisand's mannequin!

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