Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Rules

Happy Birthday to me! Saw the new Glen E. Friedman book in shrink wrap at the local book store the other day and noted to my wife that I'd love to see inside the book. Low and behold, yesterday was my birthday and voila! My Rules!

Even if for some odd reason you've never heard of Glen E. Friedman, you've definitely seen his work. With over one hundred album covers to his credit from hip hop to hardcore and years of documenting skateboarding on both the east and west coast since the 1970's, Glen E. Friedman's photography has more than likely been seen by you! From Jay Adams...

...to Ice T and back to...

...The Dead Kennedys, this book has it all!

Not to mention Minor Threat to Pussy Riot, RUN DMC to Discharge, Public Enemy to The Adolescents etc... etc... You get the picture. No pun intended. This book includes photos from previous books in a larger format as well as never seen before photos.

A must have to any photographers collection of books by other photographers. An amazing follow up to FUCK YOU HEROES, The Idealist, keep your eyes open (FUGAZI), DOG TOWN - The Legend of the Z Boys, Recognize and FUCK YOU TOO

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