Thursday, November 27, 2014

Still Screaming

I was flipping through the channels a few weeks ago when I stumbled across Season 1: Episode 2 of Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways show on HBO. One hour later I found myself not only stoked on all of the old Minor Threat, Bad Brains video footage and photos etc... I also found myself inspired. That's right... inspired by The Foo Fighters.

I've told the story before of the first time I ever came across the Foo Fighters... I was walking through my living room sometime back in the 90's when my roommate at the time (Trevor) was watching Much Music on the tube. There was a band performing live and I remember asking him "who's this?" "Foo Fighters" he responded. "That guy looks familiar" I said. "That's Dave Grohl!" he replied. "Who's Dave Grohl?" I queried. "The drummer of Nirvana" he scoffed. "I don't like Nirvana" I stated and walked off. It kept bugging me... who is Dave Grohl? He looked so familiar, but I knew nothing about Nirvana and well obviously not Foo Fighters either. Then it hit me! I dug out a shoe box and found a stack of old photos. Photos of Dave Grohl.

How did those photos make their way in to the shoe box? Well let's set the dial on the archive machine back to 1988 and get down to it!

When our band at the time (Peak of Outrage) found out that Mike Lambert put us on the bill to open up for Washington D.C.'s SCREAM, we were beside ourselves to say the least.

Back in the days before photo I.D., it was a lot easier to get in to clubs to see live bands when I was only sixteen. Even easier under the guise of being "in the band". At this specific show, I recall being given a hard time getting back in to The Royal Albert Arms to see the headlining act. I argued that it was silly not to let me in to the club armed with my camera when I had no intentions of drinking when just an hour earlier I was allowed on the stage armed with my guitar entertaining the drinking patrons. Somehow or other... I won the debate.

Franz Stahl (brother of Peter Stahl seen above) did move on to be in the Foo Fighters.

...and the reason Dave Grohl seemed all too familiar to me that night back in the 90's was because in that shoe box were the memories of the night I got to see SCREAM and before the days of Nirvana, there was Dave Grohl; drumming for SCREAM

$7 at the door. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch Sonic Highways Season 1: Episode2 and get stoked. Get inspired.

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