Monday, May 18, 2015

Question asked. Question answered.

Anyone who has paid a visit to my various locations of residence over the last twenty something years, can tell you that I have a soft spot for collecting old muscle/banana seat bicycles and bicycle parts.

I love the Schwinn Stingray family of bikes and although I do have some in the collection, any Canadian bike collector can testify that Schwinn's are hard to come by at local garage sales.

Mainly because there was no need for stores to carry the Schwinn brand back in the sixties and seventies (at least here in Winnipeg anyway), because we already had Eaton's Glide King, Sears Road King, Raleigh, Leader and a plethora of other import bikes from Europe and all over. Let's not forget the CCM (Canada Cycle and Motor Co. Ltd.) family of bikes aside from my own customized CCM Mustang, the CCM propaganda advertising posters (as seen above) that were rescued (a local bike shop using them to help bike parts from falling through the shelves) and my "Join the Mustang Movement" badge; I had obtained some N.O.S. CCM Mustang Marauder chain guards during my earlier collecting days.

The question then became. What was I going to do with these mint condition chain guards? I didn't own a Marauder and I only ever met one person who did (we called him "Fonda").

Then one day after all these years... I came across a local gentlemen, who just happened to have a handful of Mustang Marauders without chain guards. Question answered! The reason I had the chain guards was because it was my destiny to meet the man missing the chain guards! This man just happens to reside in a place that I like to refer to as CCM Heaven!

He was kind enough to let me take a look around and take a few photos (yes that's a NOS CCM Charger fresh out of the box).

He is now the proud owner of some N.O.S. chain guards. In return I made a few dollars, but more importantly I now know how it felt to have died on gone to CCM bicycle heaven!

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