Sunday, October 25, 2015

Canzine Central 2015

...AND The Anarchist Book Fair by Broken Pencil went down yesterday in Winnipeg.

We set up a Legacy Zines table to share our latest printed zine offerings.

Deals from our zine library...

Just a few pages in and this "oral history" of Winnipeg's punk and hardcore scene from 1990-2001 is a blast to read. Lot's of fun reading all the different perspectives from everyone Sheldon got in touch with to put this book together.

Inside peak... Jon Schledewitz photo

From the creative mind of local artist and designer Robert Pasternak...

Zine scene...

The last stack of The Edge 125 Pacific Ave. from At Bay Press. Get a copy before they're all gone! These made McNally's top sellers list when they hit the streets and there's only a handful of copies left!

Steve. Organic Planet Worker Co-op. Vegan chocolate bars. Enough said.

Tara Castellano's Can I Come Too?... Not for everyone.

Fire breathing dragons

Sheldon Birnie spitting hot fire!

Party crashers... or Angels from the land of Redbull offering everyone wings? Tough to say.

That was our Canzine Central 2015

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