Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Corner Tattoo

First impressions are crucial for tattoo shops. Santa Cruz's 1987 "Wheel's of Fire" playing in the front of the house. Enough said!

Sheldon invited us down to Corner Tattoo a while back and we were trying to work out a time to make it happen. Finally a need for some important ink came up and we headed straight down to the shop!

Clean, full of character and life! That is Corner Tattoo!

A little bit of this and a little bit of that throughout the entire shop...

Skateboard Bologna

The Gonz

Winnipeg's own Jake Stewart! A must have for any serious skateboard collector in Winnipeg!

Sheldon's daughter is anxious to get started on her apprenticeship! Proud dads are awesome!

A gift from a customer.

Old School

New School.

Tattoo time with Iko...

Tattoo time with Sheldon...

No pain, no gain.

The Waiting Room.

Probably one of the most intricate tattoos every completed. ywg xxx

All kidding aside. When a friend of 20+ years comes in from New Zealand and you're looking to have some ink laid down by some other very long time friends... Corner Tattoo was the place to be!

Iko and Sheldon are rad and creative dudes that are capable of whatever your heart desires (far beyond the realm of letters inked in the webbing of the fingers) looking for a wicked place to hang out and get tattooed? Get down to Corner Tattoo!

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