Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Return of Suicidal Tendencies

I believe it was late summer of 1987 when the local telephone poles and bulletin boards were letting us skate punks know that "some guy presents" had booked Corrosion of Conformity, Government Issue, Suicidal Tendencies and SNFU to play in Winnipeg all within about two weeks of each other. Amazing!

In a perfect world...this fourteen year old would have been at all four shows! Things didn't work out as planned. Not sure what I did at the time, but I was "grounded" and wasn't allowed to attend the Corrosion of Conformity show. That sucked. What sucked even more was that Suicidal Tendencies were playing the night before the "first day of school".

My parents were cool enough to let me venture down to Point Douglas in the late eighties to witness Government Issue and partake in the mosh pits during SNFU and many other bands I was fortunate enough to witness during that time, but on a school night? No way!

It's 2015 and ST was scheduled to play at the MTS Center last Wednesday night. This time I am the parent, it's a school night and our family schedules are mad busy. No cause for alarm. Received a call from our friend Pep Williams just before lunchtime the day of the show. He pitches an idea he had for a video that he wants me to help him shoot. Suicidal Tendencies. Our friends. Our Garage... The rest is history.

Shortly after a visit from the friendliest Winnipeg Police officers we've ever met (at 1:30am)... Mike Muir and a souvenir

The local ST Army!

Good things do come to those who wait. Thanks to Pep Williams for bringing us all together!

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