Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Young Pixels - The Living Room Edition

We love our neighbors and we love our neighborhood. River Heights residents were not surprised to learn that Bob Dylan rolled up in a cab in 2008 after playing a show the night before, to visit the house that Neil Young grew up in. Not surprised, as it is a well known fact that Neil Young and the Squires played some of their first gigs in our local community club while Randy Bachman with Chad Allen and the Expressions were playing at Crescentwood Community club down the street in the mid sixties.

The tradition of playing in the basements and livings rooms of River Heights continued on through my own teen years as a young aspiring musician in the eighties.

We're all "grown up" now and things thankfully haven't changed all that much. A few years ago we were fortunate enough to be invited to catch Sitdown Servant play a set on Halloween in a friend's living room.

Intimate little gatherings formed around live music in our humble little neighborhood may be why our closest neighbors were so tolerant of the idea that Suicidal Tendencies we're coming to pay us a visit at our own residence this past October.

Well our neighbors continue to be rad and we love them, because they were kind enough to invite us to their house when local Manitoba musicians, The Young Pixels came to play an intimate set (or two) in their living room. The set list itself being random and picked... from a hat!

Linda Rondstat

Husband and wife musical duo... The Young Pixels

The switch! With song titles being pulled out of a hat; you can imagine there were a few switches taking place over the course of the evening as both musicians took turns on drum and guitar.

Skaters live here...

The kids are alright!

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